Winter hikes to the laghi del covolo lakes

  • Starting Point: Steinrast 1,723m above Pracupola
  • At a Glance: Steinrast – Marschnellhütte – Laghi del Covolo
  • Altitude Difference: 700m
  • Time on Foot: 4½ hours
  • Difficulty: 5 hiking boots
Tips and special information: Sunny hike, partly through forests, partly over vast snowy slopes. Snowshoes or other snow-proof footwear is a must!

Route: we travel onwards, towards the Schwemmalm valley station, to the Steinrast (1,723m). There, we equip ourselves for a beautiful, though also strenuous, hiking experience. To begin with, we trudge up a steep forest slope, with the diverse climb through extensive Larch forests containing young trees and glades providing relief. After about an hour on foot, we reach the Covolo stream. The climb leads to another meadow with an Alpine inn (Marschellhütte 2,312m).

On the next highest level of the valley, we reach the first Covolo lake and, within minutes, the second (2,405m), in its special world, surrounded by cliffs. Descent same as ascent.