relax rooms

Surrounded by weather-tested old wood fibers, "bedded" on spicy mountain hay and permeated by soothing splashing - body and soul can relax completely...

In the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century many famous people spent their vacations in the Ulten Valley.
Especially in the spa and bathing resort Mitterbad near San Pancrazio and in the Villa Hartungen in San Nicolò many famous personalities stayed at that time, for example Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich, Otto von Bismarck, Peter Rosegger, Franz Kafka, Domherr Graf zur Lippe, Thomas Mann or also Sigmund Freud.
Since our "Xunde Alm" is also a place of rest and relaxation - you will find some of these famous names also in our "oases of rest"...



"Stille Wiese"


"Kafkas Separee"


"Doppler Waldele"




Auerberg Spa