Beautiful & healthy

 Partial massage25 minutes
44.00 €
 Full body massage50 minutes
72.00 €
Aroma oil massage50 minutes
78.00 €
During the full body massage, essential oils are gently massaged into the skin in combination with a base oil.
The individual well-being is increased - the aromatic oil massage is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy essential oils.
Individual massage50 minutes
78.00 €
Your personalised massage.
 Waltershof intensive back massage50 minutes
82.00 €
 waltershof intensiv back and foot massage80 minutes
102.00 €
Foot reflexology massage25 minutes
46.00 €
A classic! The soles of the feet can be used to influence the body as a whole. Acute and chronic complaints can be alleviated and your body's own defences strengthened.
Neck and head massage with warm oil casting on the forehead25 minutes
46.00 €
An extraordinary, deeply relaxing massage with nourishing oil for dry scalps.
Dorsalis resonance massage50 minutes
78.00 €
The Doralis back massage relieves tension in the muscles and improves the dynamics of the spine. This special treatment provides well-being
and relaxation for the strained back using manual massage, cupping glasses and singing bowls.
Stone pine vitality massage50 minutes
118.00 €
A deeply relaxing and invigorating alpine massage treatment with all the powers of the Alpine queen. In addition to high-quality, hand-crafted Swiss stone pine extracts, this massage also uses active ingredients such as mountain arnica and rosemary - all real benefits for strained muscles and joints!
The speciality of this alpine treatment lies in the various heated Swiss stone pine sticks, which are guided over the body in rhythmic movements and various techniques ranging from acupressure to tapping.
Herbal stamp massage80 minutes
102.00 €
The body is massaged with heated herbal stamps in a special rhythm. The warmth of the herbal stamps floods the whole body,
blockages are released, energy begins to flow and self-healing powers are awakened. You will feel fit and revitalised afterwards.
Lymphatic drainage50 minutes
78.00 €
This particularly gentle and harmonising massage drains the lymphatic fluid by moving the skin. This promotes your regeneration, swelling is reduced and heavy legs become much lighter.
 Lymphatic drainage25 minutes
46.00 €
 Vitalpina leg massage with juniper and apple extract25 minutes
46.00 €
 Vitalpina back massage with juniper and apple extract25 minutes
46.00 €
 Vitalpina back and leg massage with juniper and apple extract50 minutes
78.00 €
hot stone massage50 minutes
78.00 €
This deep full-body massage with heated stones provides a new energy boost.
salt stone massage50 minutes
98.00 €
Warming and cooling. Energising and relaxing. The unique salt stone massage according to the Alpienne method is a balanced treatment in which opposing sensations are combined to create an extremely beneficial whole.
Sheep wool massage50 minutes
122.00 €
The body is wrapped in a cosy woollen fleece. The natural warmth gently penetrates deep layers of skin and relieves tension. The body is then gently massaged with "wool puffs". The lanolin contained in the wool wax nourishes even sensitive skin. 
This unique massage ritual is accompanied by incense with local mountain herbs. Additional alpine herbs in the sheep's wool cover support deep relaxation and cleansing power.

 tapen15 minutes
20.00 €
bright eyes25 minutes
48.00 €
This Alpienne pampering treatment ensures radiant eyes - in five carefully and professionally coordinated steps.
revive50 minutes
98.00 €
The skin type-specific beauty kick for face, neck, décolleté and hands. Your skin is treated and nourished with barley extract, lady's mantle and brewer's yeast and then pampered
then pampered with a revitalising facial massage with special Swiss stone pine massage hearts.
rosenkind50 minutes
88.00 €
Ultra-regenerating treatments with plenty of rose oil, rosehip oil, rose hydrolates, a hyaluronic boost complex, the innovative Icelife revitalising complex and exquisite,
hypoallergenic anti-ageing formulations. Your skin is not only intensively nourished and energised, skin irritations are also soothed and natural cell renewal is promoted.
cell renewal.
the fountain of youth80 minutes
138.00 €
All-natural active ingredient care for regeneration and vitality - specially tailored to the needs of demanding skin. Extracts of brewer's yeast, St John's wort,
green barley, mullein and lady's mantle as well as a special beauty cocktail of various wild berries with powerful antioxidants and many vitamins.
"Waldmeister" face treatment for men50 minutes
88.00 €
A stimulating treatment with superstar ingredients such as houseleek, raspberry seed oil, watercress, rosemary and much more give the skin a real moisturising boost.
 Manicure50 minutes
49.00 €
Pedicure50 minutes
52.00 €
Foot peeling, refreshing foot bath, foot care & relaxing massage.
 Nail polish
18.00 €
 Permanent polish60 minutes
58.00 €
 Pedicure with permanent polish60 minutes
58.00 €
 Half leg waxing
26.00 €
 Full leg waxing
48.00 €
 Bikini waxing
16.00 €
 Underarm waxing
16.00 €
 Leg, armpit and bikini waxing
64.00 €
 Upper lip waxing
8.00 €
 Back waxing
26.00 €
 Back cleansing treatment50 minutes
55.00 €
 Eyebrow coloration
14.00 €
 eyelashes coloration
17.00 €
body packs
Hay pack25 minutes
39.00 €
The whole body is wrapped in warm, watered mountain hay. The healing substances in the hay enter the body via the skin and respiratory tract.
They have a diaphoretic, purifying and skin-cleansing effect.
 purification pack with birch and juniper25 minutes
39.00 €
 revitalising pack with oil of marmot and yellow gentian25 minutes
39.00 €
pacchetti benessere
Relax day for HER
209.00 €
  • 1 revive facial treatment
  • 1 relaxing back massage
  • 1 manicure
  • 1 purification pack
Relax day for HIM
192.00 €
  • 1 Waltershof intensive back massage
  • 1 revitalising pack
  • 1 "Woodruff" facial treatment
Vitalpina package
109.00 €
hay brush peeling, steam sauna, back and leg massage
salt on my skin
122.00 €
natural salt peeling followed by a salt stone massage based on method "Alpienne"