Ultner Höfeweg

This long hiking trail only has a small altitude difference for you to overcome and takes you from Pracupola to Santa Gertrude via San Nicolò. Santa Gertrude is the innermost village in the valley and the Val d’Ultimo Farm Trail leads us past more farms on the shady side, the route also including a time walking through aromatic coniferous forests and past the Klapfberg waterfall.

Getting to know the inner valley and, above all, its lovely farm landscape in this way couldn’t get any better, as the area of the bottom of the valley is simply captivating, with many new insights just waiting for you to discover them.
From the hotel, follow the signs for the Farm Trail (Höfeweg/Via dei Masi). To start with, the path takes us through the forest, on a slight incline, for an extended period until we reach the farms in the Brunnwiesbachl area and further until we reach the valley floor at Santa Gertrude (opportunity for refreshment, bus stop, 2hrs from the starting point; the Santa Gertrude church is another 20min walk further up).

Then, we cross the bridge over the Valsura river and continue following the signs for the farm trail, partly on footpaths, partly on farm access roads, yet always on the right side of the valley. The hike goes on, for a good chunk on flat, forest ground, but also partly through meadows and past farms until we reach San Nicolò or, even, until we reach the lake at Pracupola. This round hike takes us by the famous Val d’Ultimo larch trees and the Hartungen Villa, where we hold seminars. This is a good tip, even if the weather is bad, because you can cut your hike short at any time if you wish.