water "Wellwasser"

Wellwater - an alternative to bottled water.
Water is very important for us, it fulfils a myriad of functions in the body and that is why a sufficient supply of pure water is very important.
A few years ago, we took the step of no longer supplying bottled water,
but to process it directly in our house into “Wellwater”.
How is our Wellwater produced? Tap water, which comes from pure springs, is purified by a filter system, whereby foreign odours and tastes as well as bacteria and germs are filtered out of the water. With this treatment, the quality of the public water supply is refined and secured, and the stability and durability of the water is positively influenced by crystals. You can enjoy our Wellwater chilled with (sparkling) or without (still) carbon dioxide.

Our contribution to the environment: The Wellwater is an alternative to bottled water.
whereby environmentally harmful, cost-intensive transports over long distances are eliminated.