Anything but ordinary

In all senses, the Waltershof experience is not to be missed!

Real life can wait – now, it’s time to just enjoy the view! The boundaries between idyllic farming villages, the unspoiled natural landscape and homeliness flow effortlessly. In the middle of our calming oasis, relax in the gentle breeze and breathe in those relaxing aromas… ours in a world where you can blossom and recharge your batteries. Our ideas have been realised by expert craftspeople from Val d’Ultimo, using local materials and centuries-old timber.
The constantly changing light and the interplay between vertical and horizontal lines, light and dark tones, the bursts of morning sunlight and the cool, evening dusk create contrasts that stimulate the senses.

Art and creativity permeate through the very soul of our hotel, which is reflected in, for example, the atmosphere created in the suites – in the wise and experienced old timber; the chapped, weather-beaten Swiss pine; the tough larch and the quiet, balanced spruce. Fresh, distinctive motifs such as grass, trees, mountains and apples, brought to life by the renowned North Tyrolean artist, Helmut Sailer.

A clear view, a romantic dream