The water "Wellwasser"

Water performs a myriad of functions in the body, and that is why a sufficient supply of pure water is very important.
At the Waltershof we therefore have a very special water for our guests - the water "Wellwasser" - an alternative to bottled water, which eliminates the need for environmentally harmful, cost-intensive transport over long distances.

Tap water which originates from pure sources is purified by a filter system, whereby foreign smell and taste as well as bacteria and germs are filtered out of the water.
With this treatment to well water the quality from the public water supply is refined and secured, furthermore the stability and durability of the water is positively influenced by crystals.
Another positive property of the well water, which is very important to us, is that it is environmentally friendly,
as the disposal of bottles and crates as well as the transport route is awakened!

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Finally - we open on 13th june 2020!

and the preparations are underway... :)
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