Hey there!

Gracious, easy going and always with a twinkle in our eyes… welcome to the theme hotel in Val d’Ultimo!

So open, easy going and honest are we at the Waltershof theme hotel in Val d’Ultimo, you’ll find it hard not to consider yourself more than just a guest. That’s as it should be… and this is how we like things to be here! Magnificent mountains, pristine countryside, delicious food, relaxing downtime and a friendly drink… we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s great we can share it all with you, is it not?

Soft and easy-going – that’s how we like it here at 1.200m above sea level. At these heights familiarity is ordinary. We believe this tradition is a perfect fit for us. What do u think?

Comfortable Rooms

In our rooms and suites, it’s very easy to sleep in all day

bedroom standard

133.00 €
per person

bedroom “Oasi del benessere”

146.00 €
per person

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There’s always something going on at the Waltershof… it’s never boring here!
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