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Nordic Walking

If we had to re-invent the optimal form of exercise from the point of view of health then it would be Nordic Walking:
- It activates 95% of all muscles, and burns 40% more calories than ordinary walking or running at the same speed.
- As an endurance sport, 30 minutes training weekly are enough to maintain long term fitness. As a result of the aerobic effect on the pulse an increased buring of fat, an increase in vitality and a reduction in stress result.

- It relieves the strain on the joints, which is important for knee, hip and back problems. It improves the heart and circulatory system, strengthens the muscles and promotes flexibility and feelings of well-being.

- It helps relieve common feelings of tension in the neck and shoulder areas and tones up the stomach and back muscles weakened by a sedentary life-style.The use of sticks allows new, extremely effective, mobilising, stretching, strengthening and coordination exercises.

- It is ideal as a preparatory and complementary training for ambitious sportsmen and women

- It can be learnt in a few hours with our instructors Evi and Victoria

The Technique

Above the waist, Nordic Walking works like cross-country skiing, below the waist like fast walking, and in its most vigorous form, like jogging. With the correct technique, the arm movements help propel you forwards and have little to do with the balancing involved in the use of sticks when hiking. The special Nordic Walking sticks, with the patent hand straps, allow a rhythmical opening and closing of the hands, without losing the stick. The result is that a single Nordic Walking trip involves over a thousand pumping movements of the arm muscles, and your arms, shoulders and muscles above the waist are gently and correctly toned up by the force transmitted from the straps.
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